We are very excited to be able to offer for sale Orkney Boreray spinning fibre and spun yarn

from the Burnside flock.  Please email boreray@runbox.com if you'd like to buy any

of the spinning fibre, yarn or fine fleece.












Fibre and Yarn









The spinning fibre is available in bags of 110g.

The spun yarn is available in a 4-ply (fingering) weight in skeins of

approx 100g or 50g.  This yarn is wonderful for plain or textured

knitting or stranded work.

Fine fleece









A few of the Orkney Boreray sheep have a unique fleece that has little or no outercoat and

 a gorgeous fine undercoat. This is such a joy to handle and spin.

 The quantities are small, although we are doing some selective breeding to try and increase

 the number of sheep with this fleece.

 I can take pre-orders for this fleece from the 2024 rooing.