Directions to Burnside, Settisgarth, Finstown, Orkney KW17 2PA 

Map reference HY362186              what3words safe.editor.newsreel            Don't use the postcode for satnav.

On the main Stromness to Kirkwall Road drive to Finstown.

At Finstown take the A966 signposted to Evie and Tingwall.

This is a right turn when driving FROM Kirkwall and a left turn when driving FROM Stromness.

Drive along the A966 for around 3 miles until you reach Norseman Village. This has trees growing across the road and is clearly signposted as you enter the tiny village.

In Norseman take the left turn signposted A986 to Harray. This is the Lyde Road.

We are 1 mile up the road. A few hundred metres before the house there is a sharp left turn in the road and 2 windmills can be seen on the right hand side of the road (green dots on the smaller map)

Then you pass a stone house on the right, very close to the road, with fir trees around it and fir trees and an old stone mill on the left hand side of the road. We are about 100m further up the road. There is a field with stone wall on the right side of the road and then you see a small area of woodland with a driveway immediately before it. This is Burnside. Marked with a red dot on the map and a red dot on Map2 under the name Settiscarth.

There is a big white sign marked 'Eggs for Sale' at the end of the driveway.

If you get to the top of the hill and start driving down then you've gone too far. Burnside is between 1 mile and 1.1 miles from the turning at Norseman.

For those coming from the Harray end of Lyde Road, we are the first house on the left as you drive down the hill. Just after the sign for the concealed entrance & with an orange reflective mirror at the side of the road opposite the driveway entrance.

Please note that it is a very sharp turn into the driveway from that direction. Any vehicle longer than a regular car may need to drive down to the turning by the windmills, turn around and come back up the road.

Map reference HY362186              what3words safe.editor.newsreel


Map to House


Map 2